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About Us : The Story Behind Beyond Bolts

Beyond Bolts...?  What's with that name for a fabric and quilting shop?  Good question!  


Beyond Bolts is located inside a hardware store.  Since the good ol' days hardware stores have been known as the place to get screws, nails, nuts, & bolts!  Thayne Hardware carries lots of hardware (including bolts – thousands of 'em), but they also carry a grandiose selection of fabric – bolts & bolts of it!  Sure it’s a fun play on words, but Beyond Bolts is way more than just a fabric shop – its a place to turn your creative dreams into artistic realities.


We strive to serve our guests with a smile and help them pursue their artistic endeavors – whether that’s sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, home-decorating, crafts, or art projects with the kids and grandkids.  We carry tools for creativity!


Beyond Bolts has been in business serving Thayne and greater Star Valley since 2002 and we are blessed to have a great team which makes it possible.  


We welcome you to stop in and have a look – you might just be surprised at all the fabric, quilting, and craft supplies you can find inside a hardware store!

Beyond Bolts Logo: Quilt Block + Hardware Bolt – reflecting our synergy between hardware & creative endeavors!

Tools for Creativity!

A quilting shop inside a hardware store? 


We thought the quilting block would be a fun and distinguishable way to represent the fabric, quilting, and craft side of Beyond Bolts.  The bolt hanging rod holding the 3x3 quilt block provides the visual connection to the hardware store,  Thayne Hardware, which houses our fabric collection.


Our tagline – Tools for Creativity! – also reflects our synergy between hardware & creative endeavors.

Our Logo...

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